Yamagata Airport
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Yamagata Airport is the starting point for access to Yamagata City and Yonezawa City.
There are two large airports in Yamagata Prefecture, with regular flights from Shonai Airport and Yamagata Airport, and Yamagata Airport is an airport with good access to Yamagata City in the inland area. At Yamagata Airport, which opened in 1964, Tokyo flights were frequently operated at the beginning, but when the Yamagata Shinkansen opened in 1992, the number of Tokyo flights decreased, and the number of passengers fell to less than a quarter of the peak. I have. In 2014, it was nicknamed "Delicious Yamagata Airport", and the terminal is nicknamed "Delicious Yamagata Airport". The nickname "delicious" means not only delicious food but also "favorable" and "superb", which means that food, hot springs, festivals, scenery, etc. are "delicious". There are few routes to and from Yamagata Airport, but let's enjoy the atmosphere unique to a local airport!

Traffic Access
SakuranboHigashine Station
  Yamagata Shinkansen
  JR Ouu(Yamagata) Line
 Higashine IC

Route from SakuranboHigashine Station
Route from Higashine IC

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Yamagata Airport

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