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 Burj Khalifa(Dubai)
Update Mar.21.2023
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【Route map】
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 2. Fukuoka Train Route map(→)
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 4. Munich Metro Route map(→)
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【Sightseeing map】
 1. Canadian Rockies Sightseeing map(↑)
 2. Berlin Sightseeing map(↑)
 3. Hokkaido/Doto Sightseeing map(↑)
【Travel Guide】
 1. Snow coach(↑)
 2. Burj Khalifa(↑)
 3. Ainahau Triangle(↑)
【Temperature and Precipitation】
 1. Burkina Faso(↑)
 2. Malaysia(↑)
 3. Baghdad(↓)

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 Longshan Temple(Taipei)
Update Mar.16.2023

 Ground zero(New York)
Update Jun.30.2021
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 Nagoya TV Tower(Aichi, Japan)
Update Mar.23.2023


Update Jan.2.2022
Train Route map Station
Fukuoka Train Route map
Chiba Train Route map
Kanagawa Train Route map
Berlin Metro Route map
Aichi Train Route map
Rome Metro Route map
Paris Metro Route map
Hakata Station
ShinOsaka Station
Maihama Station
JR Ofunato(Dragonrail Ofunto) Line
Seibu Tamako Line
Seibu Yamaguchi Line
World Temperature and Precipitation

 Tunnel view(Yosemite)

Update Dec.10.2021

Temperature and Precipitation in Lyon
Temperature and Precipitation in Naantali
Temperature and Precipitation in Lalibela
Temperature and Precipitation in Edfu
Temperature and Precipitation in Telc
Temperature and Precipitation in Jingdezhen
Temperature and Precipitation in Puerto Tranquilo

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