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Raffles Hotel, the finest hotel in Singapore.
Raffles Hotel was opened in 1887 by British colonial era Tigran Circuits, an Armenian from Iran.
Although it was popular as a luxury hotel from that time, it is taken over by the Japanese army during the Second World War, but since then it has been reopened as a hotel in 1946.
It has been refined in 1991, but the elegant appearance of the colonial style is also designated as a historical monument in Singapore.

Traffic Access
Circle Line Esplanade駅

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Photo Gallery

If you would like to appreciate Raffles Hotel, this angle

Taxi doorman also luxury fashion

Chalky building

Raffles Hotel inside. There is a small square, there is a fountain of the object.

Shops that line up in Raffles Hotel

Open cafe-style meal scenery

From the front, there is a majestic style

Raffles Hotel Arcade

Side view

Simple hotel signboard

Map around
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Raffles Hotel Singapore

Millenia Walk

Duck Tour

Civilian War Memorial Park

Suntec City Mall

Raffles Hotel Arcade


Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Raffles City Shopping Centre

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