Sightseeing Guides of Taisho Romankan
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Sightseeing Guide
The large tourist center in front of Ginzan Onsen is the Taisho Romankan.
The Taisho Romankan is known as one of the few resting places on the way from downtown Yamagata to Ginzan Onsen, and the parking lot is large enough to stop large buses and is fully equipped with toilets.
There are souvenir shops and restaurants in the building, and the exterior is conscious of the Taisho era, making it a facility that can be used as a memory of your trip, not just a resting place. Many tourists are actually taking pictures here.

Traffic Access
Oishida Station
  Yamagata Shinkansen
  JR Ouu (Yamagata) Line

Route from Oishida Station
Route from HigashineKitaIC
Route from FurukawaIC

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Taisho Romankan

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