Big Ben
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.Big Ben, London's leading sightseeing spot.
Big Ben is a big clock in the Westminster Palace used as a British Parliament Building, and a golden looking spire is impressive.
The official name is Elizabeth Tower, but the nickname of Big Ben is more familiar to many people.
The Big Ben which is 96 tm in height can be seen from everywhere in London, and it is one of the pleasures to shoot together with the London attractions.
The clock tower which was completed in 1860 is a sightseeing spot with small bells every 15 minutes and a big bell ringing every hour.
However, as it is a worldwide tourist attraction, tourists are visiting near the Big Ben area so be careful of pickpockets and the like.

Traffic Access
 Westminster Station
 Westminster Station
 Westminster Station

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Large watch located 55 meters above the ground

Two-story bus of London specialty and Big Ben

From the Thames river

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

From London Eye

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Big Ben

Westminster Bridge

St.Margaret's Church

Parliament Square Garden

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