Admiralty Arch
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The majestic gate on the way to Bukingham Palace to Trafalgar Square is Admiralty Arch.
Admiralty Arch is a gate built to honor Queen Victoria in 1912, so it is a majestic and luxurious building which is quite different from ordinary gates.
Admiralty Arch is a strong gate for the royal family, but due to austerity finance, it will be approved for sale to the private sector in 2013 and will be used as a luxury hotel in the future.
As a memorial to the trip, take a walk through this gate to Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square!

Traffic Access
 Charing Cross Station
 Charing Cross Station

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Admiralty Arch seen from Buckingham Palace

Admiralty Arch seen from Trafalgar Square

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Admiralty Arch

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