Royal Observatory Greenwich
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Latitude and longitude to understand the position of the world. The starting point at the beginning of latitude is Royal Observatory Greenwich.
Actually, it should be Royal Observatory Greenwich which is located at 0 degree (meridian), but it is a little off the progress of technology in recent years, in fact the building of Prime Meridian which is a peripheral facility is located in the meridian.
Taking pictures across the meridian has become a standard, but it also enters Prime Meridian. Also souvenirs related to the meridian can be purchased here.
The key Royal Observatory Greenwich is located just a short walk from Prime Meridian, so let's see if you are interested!

Traffic Access
 Cutty Sark Station

Web Site

Photo Gallery

The Greenwich astronomical observatory is on a hill and goes up a slope

Map near the Greenwich Observatory

Pictures taken across the meridian are classic spots

Prime Meridian building

The meridian is also displayed in the building

There are many tourists in the front plaza

Map around
Open Sightseeing Map (Big Map)

Greenwich Park

Royal Observatory Greenwich

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