French Cathedral
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One of the big churches in the Gendarmenmarkt square is the French Cathedral.
The French Cathedral was completed in 1705 and it is a church, but it collapsed in World War II and was restored in 1987.The French cathedral with its characteristic dome-shaped roof is symmetrical with the opposite German cathedral across the concert house so that it will not be mistaken.

Traffic Access
 Französische Straße Station
 Hausvogteiplatz Station

Route from Französische Straße Station
Route from Hausvogteiplatz Station
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French cathedral with bright sunrise

Located in Gendarmenmarkt Square

It is one of the sightseeing routes of Berlin and there are many cases by bus.

On the left side is a concert house

According to the nearby you can see the size of the cathedral well

French cathedral with a look out of the trees

French Cathedral in the heart of Berlin

Map around
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French Cathedral

Concert house

St. Hedwig's Cathedral

Unter den Linden

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