Neue Kirche
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It is a Neue Kirche on the opposite side of the French Cathedral.
It is very difficult to understand because the appearance is also paired with the French Cathedral.
Also, when we say Neue Kirche in general, we often point to the Berlin Cathedral and want to make sure there is no mistake on the site.
Although it is good, a fine appearance is one of the highlights and we will visit the French Cathedral and the concert hall.

Traffic Access
 Hausvogteiplatz Station
 Stadtmitte Station

Route from Hausvogteiplatz Station
Route from Stadtmitte Station
Directions from Concert house

Web Site

Photo Gallery

Looking down from the magnificent Neue Kirche

Looking up from the front

On the opposite side of the French Cathedral across the concert hall

Best position for photography

A view across the road

Viewed from the side

Viewed from the back

There is also a wide sidewalk on the back, easy to sightseeing

Map around
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Neue Kirche

Concert house

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