East Side Gallery
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East side gallery where part of the wall of Berlin that collapsed in 1989 has been released for about 1 km.
East Side Gallery features various paintings painted by artists from around the world on the walls of the time.Among them, the most famous are paintings that the former Soviet Union's Brigadine General Secretary and former East Germany's Honecker chair kiss. There are a lot of tourists to take memorial photos in front of this painting, but the point that can not be removed if you came to the East Side gallery.Other paintings are focused on paintings seeking freedom, and there are things that Mt. Fuji in Japan is drawn, so let's go looking for it while you are exploring.The backside of the wall is the Spree River and a green lawn, and on holidays it is also a place for Berlin citizens to relax.

Traffic Access
 Ostbahnhof Station
 Ostbahnhof Station
 Ostbahnhof Station

Route from Ostbahnhof Station

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Photo Gallery

Leave the Ostbahnhof station and opposite the big street

Go across the pedestrian crossing to the East Side gallery

Berlin Wall Cross Section

Various paintings are drawn for about 1 km

The most famous paintings are always full of tourists

Cherry blossom trees in spring as well

Grass behind the Berlin Wall

Let's appreciate the wall behind it

Fuji in Japan and five-storied pagoda

A picture trying to get over the wall seeking freedom

The most popular secretary general Brisigneff and Chairman Hönecker

Trident, a national car of the East Germany

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East Side Gallery

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