Berlin Wall Document Center
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The Berlin Wall Document Center, where you can see the state of the Berlin Wall at the time.
When you think of the Berlin wall, you can think of a concrete wall as a literal name, but in addition to that, in fact, there is a buffer zone of about 10 to 15 meters, and there is a moat and a monitoring tower. The observatory on the Old West Germany side offers a panoramic view of these areas. On the other side of the road from Berlin's wall, take the elevator or stairs to the observation deck. The observatory has some space, but it is quite crowded because there are many tourists visiting it. In addition, the lawn that spreads out near the Berlin Wall has photographs of the time and long concrete walls, making it a must-visit tourist attraction when visiting Berlin.

Traffic Access
 Nordbahnhof Station
 Nordbahnhof Station
 Nordbahnhof Station
 Nordbahnhof Station
 Bernauer Strasse Station

Route from Nordbahnhof Station
Route from Bernauer Strasse Station
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Photo Gallery

A building with an observatory


View from the observatory

Watching tower

The Berlin Wall has been on for a long time

The position where the Berlin Wall was located is marked on the sidewalk

Pictures of those days are also displayed

Lawn spreading near the Berlin Wall Document Center Center

A landscape that becomes a picture unexpectedly

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Chapel of Reconciliation

Berlin Wall Document Center

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