Berlin Central Station
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Literally, the station which is the center of Berlin is Berlin Central Station.
Berlin Central Station is a new facility built in 2006, featuring modern glass-clad construction.The Berlin Central Station is not only the departure and arrival of trains in and around Berlin but also the departure and arrival stations of subway and long distance trains.You can also see the ICE, which is a high-speed railway in Germany that you can not see in Japan.The station is a terminal station on the third floor above ground and the second basement floor, and many commercial facilities are occupied, so it is convenient to use not only as shopping and restaurants, but also as a starting point for sightseeing in Berlin.

Traffic Access
 Hauptbahnhof Station
 Hauptbahnhof Station
 Hauptbahnhof Station
 Hauptbahnhof Station

Directions from Reichstag Building

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Photo Gallery

Modern facility with glass

Washington square which spreads in front of Berlin Central Station

You can see the train arriving and departing
from Berlin Central Station on the Bridge over the Spree River

The inside of the station is like a shopping mall atmosphere

Escalator going to each floor

In the underground home, you can see many trains

There is a home on the top floor

Map around
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Berlin Central Station

Spreebogen Park

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