Tendo City Shogi Museum
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The Tendo City Shogi Museum is located in an easily accessible location directly connected to Tendo Station.
The Tendo City Shogi Museum is one of the most famous facilities in Tendo City, which boasts the largest production of shogi pieces in Japan. .. In addition to general shogi boards, there are also some unusual shogi boards from Japan and around the world, so it may be interesting to compare the differences. In addition, a miniature model of human shogi, which is one of the big events in Tendo, is also on display.
In addition to the Shogi Museum, there is also a tourist center where you can purchase Yamagata's specialty products in the Tendo Station Building. We also sell special products such as cherries and La France, but the most fulfilling ones are shogi-related souvenirs. There is a wide selection of items from souvenir level to full-scale items, and it is worth seeing even if you are not a shogi fan. In addition, you can see signs in the shape of pentagonal shogi pieces everywhere around the station and around the station, so it may be fun to look for them.

Traffic Access
Tendo Station
  Yamagata Shinkansen
  JR Ouu(Yamagata) Line

Directly connected to Tendo Station
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Tendo City Shogi Museum

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