River Thames
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Thames river which flows through the center of London.
The Thames river is a large river which is 346 km in length with its Cotswolds as its source, but the center of tourism is near the city center of London.
Along the River Thames there are many famous facilities such as Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and Tower of London.
There is a promenade along the River Thames, so we recommend that you can see these facilities by walking.
The water in the river is not transparent and a little cloudy, but I also want to explore this as a characteristic of the Thames.

Traffic Access
 Westminster Station
 Westminster Station
 Westminster Station

Photo Gallery

Landscape from Westminster Bridge

The Ferris wheel on the right is London Eye

Thames River seen from London Eye

You can see the Tower Bridge in the distance

Map around
Open Sightseeing Map (Big Map)

River Thames

London Eye

Big Ben

Old Country Hall

London Aquarium

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