Brandenburg Gate
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Brandenburg Gate, also a symbol of Berlin.
In the Brandenburg Gate, there are many people reminiscent of after World War II divided into East and West Berlin, in fact it was a historical gate built in 1791, and it existed as a symbol of Berlin in the Napoleonic era.After the Second World War, even when it was impossible for the Berlin Wall to cross the east and west, it was possible to go back and forth by passing through the Brandenburg Gate. Of course there was strict censorship, but I could not pass easily.Therefore, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, it became easy to currency and became a symbol of Germany unity.
The Brandenburg Gate located in the center of tourism in Berlin is close to the subway station, making it easy to plan a trip as a base for sightseeing in Berlin.

Traffic Access
 Brandenburger Tor Station
 Brandenburger Tor Station
 Brandenburger Tor Station
 Brandenburger Tor Station
 Brandenburger Tor Station

Route from Brandenburger Tor Station
Directions from Parisian Square

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Photo Gallery

According to the nearby, quite big

The former East Berlin side is facing

The Brandenburg Gate can also pass through the center on foot

On the other side of the Brandenburg gate, you can also see Szegezoire

I'm passing now

Viewed from the Old West Berlin side

Brandenburg gate to shine in the sunset

Silhouette is also beautiful, Brandenburg gate

The view from the observation deck at Piazza del Paris is the best

Map around
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Parisian Square

Brandenburg Gate

March 18 Square

Memorial of Sinti Roma


Reichstag Building

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

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