Reichstag Building
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The German parliament building is the German parliament building.
The German Parliament Building was a parliament building built during the German Empire era before the Second World War and once destroyed in the Second World War.After that, after unification of Germany, it was restored and regained function as a parliament again.Characteristic roof dome can be entered inside with glass and is a sightseeing spot.Also from its beautiful appearance, there are always many tourists, it is also a photography spot of Berlin.It is close to the main sightseeing spot Brandenburg Gate and is just a short walk away, making it one of the places for sightseeing in Berlin.

Traffic Access
 Bundestag Station

Route from Hauptbahnhof Station
Directions from Brandenburg Gate

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Photo Gallery

In front of the facility, the German flag is fluttering in the wind

Tourists visit from all over the world

Dome shaped glass-finished roof which is also a feature

You can see from various angles

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Reichstag Building

Parisian Square

Brandenburg Gate

March 18 Square

Memorial of Sinti Roma

Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten

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