Cite Island
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Sightseeing Guide
A small island in the middle of the Seine river is the island of Cite.
Cité Island is not just an island, it is an important island for Paris, which is known as the birthplace of Paris.
It is only a birthplace and it has all the famous facilities for sightseeing as well.
The most famous is Notre Dame Cathedral, a lot of tourists visit from all over the world and always full of people, plus a lot of sights such as concierge where Marie Antoinette was infected, Sainte Chapel with beautiful stained glass.
The underground station is also in the island, and the shite island itself is not big and you can walk for walking, so let's go sightseeing casually!

Traffic Access
Cité Station

Nearby attractions

Cite Island




Flower Market of Cite Island

Cite's largest tourist attraction

Pleasure boat going beside the shite island

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